As an important member of the Nam Hai Group, Euroha Joint Stock Company owns Euroha extruded Aluminum Profile Factory. Located on an area of 30,000m2 in Pho Noi. A Industrial Park, Van Lam District, Hung Yen Province Euroha Aluminum Factory is invested in synchronous system of machinery and advanced technology.


EUROHA factory is equipped with modern machinery and equipment to provide high-quality aluminum profiles & components, which meet the highest standards set by customers…

Extrusion workshop

With each aluminum factory, the extrusion has an important role in the production line of aluminum bar. Therefore, right from the establishment of Euroha Aluminum Factory, Nam Hai Group has focused on investing in modern aluminum extrusion machines in order to come onto market the European standard aluminum bars that meet the needs of modern construction. At present, Euroha owns... read more

Anodizing workshop

Anode is one of Euroha’s strengths. Currently, Euroha owns the most modern line of Anode systems. The line is installed and Technology transferred by Gausing Corporation, a leading reputation in the field of Aluminum Anode. With this good investment, Euroha can anode the diverse colors of aluminum bar products from common goods to high quality. In there, the colors like white,... read more

Powder coating workshop

The operationprinciple: Dry paint is charged with electric charge (+) when passing through a device called an power coating gun, and the paint product will also be charged with anelectric charge (-) to create a sticky effect between paint powder and paint product. Power coating is not only a cost-effective coating technology but also meet the demand of environment... read more

Precision machining

Large storage capacity is built on the quality assurance criteria for goods stored in storage and is most convenient for warehousing. read more