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Category: Infrastructure, Workshops Post Date: 10 June, 2018

Anodizing workshop

Anode is one of Euroha’s strengths.

Currently, Euroha owns the most modern line of Anode systems. The line is installed and Technology transferred by Gausing Corporation, a leading reputation in the field of Aluminum Anode.

With this good investment, Euroha can anode the diverse colors of aluminum bar products from common goods to high quality. In there, the colors like white, shiny white, matte, yellow… are our strengths.

Especially, with the application of non-chromium-plating technology, Euroha’s Anode Aluminum products are guaranteed quality, luxurious color, highly durable, friendly with user and protect environment. Therefore, our Anode aluminum products have been appreciated by customers.

It is expected that Euroha will launch 6600 tons of high quality Anode aluminum bars each year. Besides the resources of modern equipment and production lines, with the advantage of human resources, we can confidently satisfy the most typical demanding orders of our customers.