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Category: Infrastructure, Workshops Post Date: 10 June, 2018

Extrusion workshop

With each aluminum factory, the extrusion has an important role in the production line of aluminum bar. Therefore, right from the establishment of Euroha Aluminum Factory, Nam Hai Group has focused on investing in modern aluminum extrusion machines in order to come onto market the European standard aluminum bars that meet the needs of modern construction.

At present, Euroha owns the extruded aluminum extrusion system using modern machinery of famous brands of Germany, Taiwan … to meet the demand for extrusion of many types of billets from 4 inch to 9inch. Specifically, the machine with 690 tons, 920 tons, 1100 tons, 1460 tons, 2750 tons, 3500 ton increased plant capacity to 21,000 tons per year to 30,000 tons per year in the near future.

Euroha extrudes a wide range of aluminum products from common to super-premium, which is specified by well-known brands such as Nam Hai Aluminum, EUA Aluminum, Euroha Aluminum. The strict application of quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 has helped Euroha to produce extruded aluminum bars that meet European quality standards that are well received by the market.

Given this, Euroha has made a great effort to improve human resources – an important factor in determining the quality of the product. Particularly for the extruded parts we pride ourselves on our highly skilled and professional staffs.

We are confident to meet the best orders extruded aluminum bars with reasonable price.