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Category: Infrastructure, Workshops Post Date: 10 June, 2018

Powder coating workshop

The operationprinciple: Dry paint is charged with electric charge (+) when passing through a device called an power coating gun, and the paint product will also be charged with anelectric charge (-) to create a sticky effect between paint powder and paint product. Power coating is not only a cost-effective coating technology but also meet the demand of environment for the present and future due to its solvent-free. Power coatingis widely applied in many fields including aluminum bar production.

Taking advantage of this strong points, Euroha has invested in machinery and equipment imported from Wagerwell-known brands of Germany, Germa of Switzerland, Nordson of USA … The products of Euroha’s power coating satisfy international standard thickness, no corrosion by chemicals or weather, rich colors and very high color accuracy … Depending on the type ofEuro productsthat are guaranteed the paint color from 5 to 10 years.

The application of quality management system ISO 9001 power coating aluminum bar of Euroha always ensure the quality and strict requirements of customers.

Currently, two modern lines and skilled workers each year, Euroha launched 9600 tons of aluminum finished products are makingsmall contribution asserted position in the market of construction aluminum bar in the local country and reaching the national market.